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StoryLine (Season 1) Edit

Pilot: Edit

One night, Chloe (YouFoundHappiness) invited 9 of her friends for a sleepover. During that night an evil queen who brought terror cast a curse. The friends would have to betray, kill, sacrifice until the night was over.

Episode 2: Edit

The first challenge was to find 2 rings. The person who didn't get them would suffer a brutal death. Super and Brix were first. Unfortunately, Brix didn't make it and died painful.

Episode 3: Edit

Both Snowy and Angel are brought to a room with purple man's wife. She brings in Elineal to chose who lives she chooses Snowy and Angel is sucked into Springtrap killing her.

Episode 4: Edit

Afterwards, the friends are paralyzed and Elineal and Lemmy are chosen to vote who dies and they pick Snowy. Snowy Is then turned into a pink blob before turning into a skeleton.

Episode 5: Edit

Both Connor and Chloe are brought to a room with dogs. They are forced to comb them and the person who makes prettiest, cute dog lives. Connor loses and gets mauled by the dog's grandpa!

Episode 6: Edit

Two Lazer guys chose for two persons to go to their room the friends chooses Misty and Panda for lack of challenges they are brought to a room with lazers Panda slips and gets electrocuted

Episode 7: Edit

A chef orders the friends to make him a dish. The person who makes the worst dish will be the dish. The chef falls in love with Misty's dish and then asks what Elineal's dish is, she insults him and and gets cooked alive.

Episode 8: Edit

An overrated hacker tries to torment the friends. He gives them easy clues to find, but he is soon defeated and no one dies.

Finale: Edit

The evil queen checks on her victims but is tricked and gets eletrucuted, killing Lemmy in the process. Both Misty and Banana leave Chloe's house as Chloe waits for a new set of victims.

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